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Let's fix some tests
* Raise condition
* Bad backend response 500 in place of 404

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Pour info si vous aviez prévu de prendre le train mercredi soir 

Sur plusieurs lignes, des trains du mercredi soir sont supprimés parce qu'on n'aura nulle part où les garer s'ils ne circulent pas le jeudi matin (et ils ne circuleront pas en raison de la grève).

Donc voyez si vous pouvez reporter votre voyage à demain (mardi) ou vendredi/samedi 😬

Does anyone have news about the third party app Twitter API not available/working anymore ?
Can I delete my Twitter account for good ?

So next week I need to investigate about 2 things
1. Impossible to receive traffic over Vlan on dd-wrt, so problem on the L2 maybe a kernel or driver issue not sure where to start, definetely setup a test bench
2. My Linky electric counter doesn't send anything on the teleinfo output, and I doesn't have an oscilloscope ( maybe I should buy one )

#373 5/6


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Twitter intentionally cut off third party Twitter apps 

If Twitter’s API was down, then blog services (#WordPress, #WriteFreely, #Tumblr, etcetera), social networks (#Instagram, #Vimeo, etcetera) & API services like #IFTTT ( would have stopped working.

So far it seems only 3rd party mobile #Twitter apps are cut off.


Twitter may not value 3rd party developers, but the #Fediverse does! 👊🏾

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Est-ce que Twitter est en train de couper toutes les applications tierces ?

Ok so Twitter broke something about the API or app token, Twidere no longuer fetching tweets since this morning
Not a big loss

There is a mess in dd-wrt firmware, I haven't any rx traffic on vlan2.100 and I doesn't understand why

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Ok new ISP, reverse engineering of the setup, they use DHCP inside VLAN 100, I have tried to spoof with dd-wrt but nothing. Now I have a wireshark tapping the fiber we will see !

DNS experts I'm calling you
> resolvectl query resolve call failed: '' does not have any RR of the requested type

What is RR ? what the meaning of this ? and dig return an ip ...

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