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[Blog] The v2 is here

And the legacy has warning now. with some funny PHP code.

I will do a quick post about how I have done this.

And need to do it in maybe in french but laaaaaaaaazzzzzzyyyyyyy

So I try Ubuntu 22 on my work laptop, and I'm facing a lot of issues
* Performance are poor, in some cases
* You need to remove snap, if you doesn't want all updated crap
* Wayland vs Xorg change sometimes when you do updates and reboot ...
* It's stable, hardware is well supported out of the box

I think I will go back to Mint, and I really like ArchLinux too but I know I will need to spend too much time to configure it.

Lot of things to do this WE
* Some papers 80% done
* tidy up my living room 0% done
* Furniture assembling 0% done
* Working-out 50% done
* Home network re-setup 25% done
* Some blog stuff 25% doine


And for those new joiners here, I speak French too

You know ... I doesn't even know if it's really plugged yet

I'm sure this apartment is in rule with 2022 electrical standards

This has been here for a looooooong time, and of course no earth wire, but guess what there is earth on all the sockets

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Bon essayons ceci pour réussir mon entrée sur Mastodon et vérifier que je ne suis pas dans le désert. Pourriez-vous, si vous voyez ceci, rebloguer ce pouet (retwitter ce tweet dans le langage du mal)? Et voyons ou ça nous mène. Je vous suivrai tous et vous invite à faire de même.

Today the ops planned for the lunch break is plugging the dishwasher !

So my ISP Orange : you might have Internet on the 25th November.

[Blog teaser] I will write a post about how my blog isn't running anymore on wordpress and why. Some php inside and some hugo generator ...

[Dev Typescript] Reading of the morning : type guard in Typescript basically a hell to manage

Happy coding

So my connection will be fix next tuesday and I need to work remotely with my remaining 4Go of quota, hopefully I have a spare sim card, but Internet is fucking slow compromising videoconferencing. Working remotely with no reliable internet isn't easy. Kisses to Orange who move my line but without any on site check, so my new apartment have a socket that isn't connected to anything.

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