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Gros tuto comment deplacer son Archlinux / HOWTO Move your existing Archlinux installation to a new SSD


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So my suspicious thoughts form yesterday pretty confirms, I add the third party key in my trusted DB, my computer boot like a charm. So this situation defeat all purpose of secure boot because I'm force to trust all the third parties signed stuff, so pretty much all approve stuff LOL, and anyone with 100$ can buy a signature from . I will ask to MSI if there is a solution, can I signed the vbios by my self ?

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Back online some storage cleaning was needed in /var

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So today I try to enable Secure Boot on my workstation and it failed because I pretty sure the firmware of the nvidia GC is check and signed with Microsoft partners key, so I need to add this one has trusted ... not very usefull to have secure boot if anyone can use shim or other bootloader to bypass it

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Bon, je viens de récupérer un disque dur du SAV de @LDLC_help.
À votre avis, combien de temps avant les premières erreurs SMART ? 😂

Analytics in opensource tools is bad if it's not optin, but it's even worse if it's fucking google shit, what could go wrong ? Seriously ?

And especially for sending like 3 requests per launch WTF ...

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#Linux #système

Je pose ça là, parce que c'est beau: Un schéma des différentes briques qui composent un système Linux, et les outils permettant de les observer.

Allez le fail secu du jour, très grosse entreprise française.
Procédure VPN pour l'externe :
1. From your Web Browser (Internet Explorer preferred)
2. Accept the security messages (Certificates, Host Checker)

Moi courir loin
Et bien-sur ça ne marche pas sur mon setup ...

Ok I breaked semantic-release with my usage of --extends it won't use global npm package and i doesn't know why ...

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Ok so semantic-release is a little too automated to my taste, when no config it will use the internal default config. I think you always should use --extends for this tool, like that if the config get erased from source the CI will failed, and not continue with default stuff.

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Clairement 14 minutes pour builder une application c'est long

Today I do some CI stuff. Playing with semantic-release but I 'm pretty sure i will break this tool with what I want to do :

1. I need to increment version number in source
2. commit
3. git tag
4. build the release artefacts
5. publish the artefacts on gitlab release

All of this is in the CI of course, there is some inception involved and triggers and avoiding pipeline loops

Je trouve toujours mon pc trop lent ou du moins certaine application comme firefox ou cinnamon

tout mets environ moins de 500ms pour se lancer mais c'est perceptible


Bios upgrade give me NVME boot
Then have to re-add efi boot option because bios reset obviously. And the UEFI shell of the bios is useless because none of the useful command are available.
And yes I use efistub.

Ok so i'm pretty sure my current bios version doesn't support nvme boot LOL

I confirm this is A VERY GOOD SOLUTION !

lvcreate --snapshot --size 1G /dev/mapper/ssd/root --name root-backup
partclone.ext4 --dev-to-dev --source /dev/mapper/ssd-root--backup --output /dev/mapper/blackssd-root

Durée totale: 00:01:06, Débit moyen: 24,1GB/mn, 100.00% completed!


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OK j'ai un meilleur plan :-D

1. snapshot in source VG
2. use partclone or dump, copy the filesystem in snapshot to the new LV in dest VG
3. delete the snapshot

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