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Quelqu'un sait comment on fait pour faire marcher du ssh reverse tunnel, j'ai l'impression que c'est jamais ouvert a l'exterieur chez moi comme si il y avait un firewall mais il y en a pas

Yesterday I haven't sleep too much because I debug image tool builder, I succesfully manage to get an image builded for testing some stuff are broken but it will be resolve tonight 🎆

Releasing image for ... very slow because I need to use ngrok for passing my local builded filesys to a running scaleway instance I will do the long story version tomorow

Le système de build des images scaleway c'est un merdier non interopérable et la doc pas ouf, je nage de dépôt en dépôt github en train de comprendre comme le bousin marche

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J'SUIS PAS CONTENT ! #234 : Philippe l'écolo, Macron le démago & Borne la dingo ! - YouTube

I think LinusTechTips have DDOS LattePanda website with their last video

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L'enfer ultra-libéral du jour vous est proposé par La Caisse d'Epargne.
Au programme :
✅ Disparition de tous les acquis sociaux
✅ privatisation de chaque instant de votre vie
✅ solutionnisme technologique aveugle et délirant

La dystopie est totale. Ces gens sont complètement dingues.

#AnotherLife spoilers 

Aujourd'hui est une journée pluvieuse mais c'est la journée idéale pour travailler de chez soi et entendre les voisins baiser vers 10h29 😘

Donc hier presque 40min de retard cumulé hier sur la ligne Paris Le Havre essayons de faire mieux aujourd'hui

they even do silly A/B testing random redirection
With the same link
First I got Iphone for 2$
Second time I got here

I investigate in depth one spam html ( the amazon one ), you got there at the end of 50 clicks and forms

continue I found 2 IPs ranges and contact abuse email but I havn't a lot of faith about that, then I will investigate in the content of each email and extract base64 encodind then investigate the HTML body, extract links, domains, whois and stuff

Extract from mail text sources (.eml) IP address

grep -rhoP 'Received: from .+' . | sed "s/.*\[\(.\+\)\].*/\1/" | sort | uniq

Currently regrouping the pieces of shit, and export it and we will play few grep and stuff to extract some interesting information

Further investigation demonstrate that my spams are signed correctly with DKIM. So I will attack another angle : NIKER LES SPAMMEURS ALA RACINE🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Investigation and learning rspamd continue, I ssh port forward the webui of rspam it's cool. I know how dkim signing work but I haven't a clue about what symbol to change ... HELP HELP

I start to investigate the spam issue I have with
1) Rspamd is running correctly
2) None of the spam have Headers with a score
3) The spam has been analysed by rspamd
4) My spams have all a corrupt DKIM header ( not even an invalid sign )

I my first thought, i need to push higher the DKIM score check.
The current score is 3.45 for this spam. I think the threshold is 4 for graylist and 8 for add header.

I don't even know what I'm doing

I do a production deploy test now, AND YES WE ARE FRIDAY

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