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If you have cheaper solution than ASUS XG-C100C I will take it ! Currently ~100€ for 10G ethernet card

I have bought a second hand one for my NAS for 350€, pretty good upgrade.

Pretty amazing command for testing drive I/O
fio --name TEST --eta-newline=5s --filename=fio-tempfile.dat --rw=write --size=500m --io_size=10g --blocksize=64k --fsync=10000 --iodepth=32 --direct=1 --numjobs=1 --runtime=60 --group_reporting

Honestly for building some compact NAS this is the obvious choice :
CPU Built-in
2x10G-T Ethernet
4xDIMM Slot
1xM.2 NVME Slot
And KVM IP of course

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@damien je confirme que ça tourne autour du sujet et le monsieur conclut que pour lui ce serait trop compliqué et trop de travail

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Testing my home network 1Gig NIC cards are very slow this day I think i need to upgrade this. And testing performance between SFTP (ssh) and NFS, and I have CPU bottleneck with SFTP at roughly 50MB/s with 65% cpu , NFS does 92MB/s with 3% cpu usage. Not sure hardware crypto is in use with ssh ...

J'ai trouvé, j'avais pas lu la doc a propos de stop-upload !

J'ai un truc bizarre avec il m'a bloqué l'upload et je comprend pas d'ou.

Currently upgrading ! And I really need to get rid of and use instead but I want to keep my history.

[INFRA] Someone already have setup servers on .net with partition template ?

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I don't fucking know if dxvk is in use in my wineprefix but the game working great.

Funny things about , the new Timeshift tools for backup is only compatible with or (Why not ). During the installation you doesn't have option of installing with btrfs easily BUT you have an option for doing it with LVM ...

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:LineageOS: LineageOS 16.0 est dispo pour OnePlus5 !

Il n’y a plus cas attendre qu’il soit disponible «for microG»

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Piochée sur le Birdsite, la citation du jour :

"Je suis persuadée que la réincarnation existe parce que certaines personnes n'ont pas pu devenir con à ce point en une seule vie"

I solve my issue with gnome-keyring ! And I'm idiot, the GUI is confusing, it ask for my passphrase and not my session password but in the particular case the passphrase and session password are the same ( A very bad practice ). So I assume the passphrase was stored in gnome-keyring but it wasn't !

Someone known where my passphrases are stored when I'm using the ssh-agent / -keyring to store them, and are available when I unlock the keyring with my session password ? I already try to use nothing there. And test some scripts like but no ssh keyring appear ? So how do I export my stored passphrases ?

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