Ok so it's weird, maybe I'm doing something wrong, I have 0.1Vac on the tele-info output of the counter, where I should have something like 5Vac. I check on the neighbor counter and same measure but it's the same counter with the same configuration.
And I can't restart the counter because there is no circuit breaker before it.

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dd-wrt protect you against dns rebind attack by default. if you need to resolve A or AAAA to local network you need to disable the No DNS Rebind option. This will remove --stop-dns-rebind from the dnsmasq config

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I'm back online, setup seems clean, I need to check about ipv6 dns
* My home resolver doesn't seems to listen on ipv6
* Radvd advertise the Bouygue garbadge resolver

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Do you know you can use as a Youtube interface 😅 👌

3 clicks install with

Ok new ISP, reverse engineering of the setup, they use DHCP inside VLAN 100, I have tried to spoof with dd-wrt but nothing. Now I have a wireshark tapping the fiber we will see !

[Fun with linux] Seems promising I can restore a dataset on a target zfs from my backblaze backup

[Fun with linux]
1. Create a LV on LVM
2. Create a ZFS zpool inside the LV
3. Create a zvol with sparse option 20TB
4. mkfs the zvol
5. Enjoy the 20TB on a 500G drive

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