All the people: What did you do this weekend ?
Me: Became Pro Gamer on -Red

I want to change my keyboard for my desktop
I want an ortholinear dvorack ideally Canadian french variant.
I have already spotted 3 possible choice
* TypeMatrix 2030
* ErgoDox EZ
* Moonlander Mark I

If you have other suggestions, and you have advices about these keyboards, your are welcome !


In 2003, a white hat hacker used a network mapper to sketch a map of the entire internet. In 2021, he did it again—and showed just how quickly it's expanded.

Here's how it works:
🎨: Barrett Lyon


Planning a bike trip, going up very stiffly just at the begining !

My new phone notification sound

ça fait sensation dans l'openspace du bureau

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For Valentine's Day, I'd like to share this series of beautiful Soviet propaganda posters about a Russo-Chinese interracial same-sex couple, relaying the story of their love, from the first steel-mill selfie together to raising an orchard and a wonderful family.


A "cassette" contains soap and some rinsing fluid for 30 cycles, I make like 10 cycle a week.

You can use other stuff as describe here.

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I haven't tell you but I have a dishwasher now in my 16m2 apartment. And made in France .
Work great !
But, there is always a but.

Les agences immobilières faut que le spam s'arrête, j'ai marqué sur BaL que je ne voulais pas de publicité, donc la et les autres STOP, donc la on est plus trop dans la légalité, constitué un fichier de démarchage en faisant du porte à porte sans consentement, coucou la

On est sur du lourd là non, l'état de droit, tout ça, verbaliser les gens chez eux, on atteint quand même des sommets de la connerie

Vive la république ...

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Le monde d'après sera un état policier 🥰


SO THE FUCK WAS THAT doesn't handle their ids as integer during the parsing of the incoming API calls.

You can crash the API with the "stoi" error just by sending this to Mailjet API

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But this the payload wasn't huge like the other time, only some variables like 30 of them.

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