So lot of things to do
1. Move my Archlinux install to my new SSD on a LUKS volume
2. Look to test my new @franciliens VPN on my DD-WRT router
3. Setup offsite backup for the NAS especially for my virtual machine
4. Look to test LTE 4G fallback connection on the router involving custom script


I investigate in depth one spam html ( the amazon one ), you got there at the end of 50 clicks and forms

continue I found 2 IPs ranges and contact abuse email but I havn't a lot of faith about that, then I will investigate in the content of each email and extract base64 encodind then investigate the HTML body, extract links, domains, whois and stuff

Currently regrouping the pieces of shit, and export it and we will play few grep and stuff to extract some interesting information

Further investigation demonstrate that my spams are signed correctly with DKIM. So I will attack another angle : NIKER LES SPAMMEURS ALA RACINE🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Investigation and learning rspamd continue, I ssh port forward the webui of rspam it's cool. I know how dkim signing work but I haven't a clue about what symbol to change ... HELP HELP

I start to investigate the spam issue I have with
1) Rspamd is running correctly
2) None of the spam have Headers with a score
3) The spam has been analysed by rspamd
4) My spams have all a corrupt DKIM header ( not even an invalid sign )

I my first thought, i need to push higher the DKIM score check.
The current score is 3.45 for this spam. I think the threshold is 4 for graylist and 8 for add header.

I don't even know what I'm doing

I found a pretty good trick about docker-in-docker-in-docker.
My use case is quite unique I need to test in a CI a app that manage a docker daemon ( a very simple vpn clients orchestration tool using docker ).

You can access the parent docker daemon inside all your container using the gateway address configured in the container.


Msata to Sata for NAS os is perfect cheap solution for small ssd, on ebay like 15€ the ssd and 2€ for the adapter

It works, but my bench power supply sounds like hell, i need to find another one, next test IPMI and CPU temp and SataDom and install Freenas

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