Je vous fais chier ici mais si jamais vous voulez venir bosser avec moi

Et oui je sais le jaune pique les yeux

The joy of javascript, 1 hour lost just because comparing a string to a number ... but my fault

Just the fucking lol of the day : I want to watch The Expanse S04, the last season is only available on Amazon Prime, I have Amazon Prime because I shouldn't, I launch the first episode shitty quality like 360p on tubes. Going to Pirate Bay downloading my episode.

Amazon Optimal quality are fucking joke . 1.17GB per hour with DRM for sure

Shadow of the TombRaider ! And the screenshot from cinnamon not working as expected ...

I'm currently reviewing DD-WRT code, obviously some of it because there is a lot to review, all web ui stuff is pretty very custom C code for the backend, with 3000 lines files. If someone have architecture document it will be useful, because I'm digging blindly with grep and find.

Je crois que j'ai touché le gros lot


Appartement en colocation naturiste

Bah je viens encore de tomber sur "la praticité du libre"
1. Faire le ménage dans les config DNS
2. Voir qu'il manque la conf XMPP
3. mettre la conf XMPP
4. Essayer d'utiliser XMPP => IMPOSSIBLE et Thunderbird est super explicite sur l'erreur

En inspectant les documents concernant les analyses d'amiantes,
Les documents ont été généré avec outils d'analyses, ils n'ont pas été modifiés. Cependant il y a une coquille concernant certaine date de captation des échantillons qui est au 30/10/2019 qui je penses est une erreur de saisie et qu'il s'agit du 30/09/2019 mais ça fait tache.

So my suspicious thoughts form yesterday pretty confirms, I add the third party key in my trusted DB, my computer boot like a charm. So this situation defeat all purpose of secure boot because I'm force to trust all the third parties signed stuff, so pretty much all approve stuff LOL, and anyone with 100$ can buy a signature from . I will ask to MSI if there is a solution, can I signed the vbios by my self ?

Analytics in opensource tools is bad if it's not optin, but it's even worse if it's fucking google shit, what could go wrong ? Seriously ?

And especially for sending like 3 requests per launch WTF ...

So lot of things to do
1. Move my Archlinux install to my new SSD on a LUKS volume
2. Look to test my new @franciliens VPN on my DD-WRT router
3. Setup offsite backup for the NAS especially for my virtual machine
4. Look to test LTE 4G fallback connection on the router involving custom script


I investigate in depth one spam html ( the amazon one ), you got there at the end of 50 clicks and forms

continue I found 2 IPs ranges and contact abuse email but I havn't a lot of faith about that, then I will investigate in the content of each email and extract base64 encodind then investigate the HTML body, extract links, domains, whois and stuff

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