Let's check about my Linky electric counter doesn't output anything on the "teleinfo" port.

So I have 0.3Vrms on the output seems not right at all. Now I need shutdown the counter (my entire home), then check the fuse and reboot the counter itself. I read that some of them need a restart.
I think the fuse is only for C1 and C2 output to handle water heater when you have 2 rates.

Ok so it's weird, maybe I'm doing something wrong, I have 0.1Vac on the tele-info output of the counter, where I should have something like 5Vac. I check on the neighbor counter and same measure but it's the same counter with the same configuration.
And I can't restart the counter because there is no circuit breaker before it.


I will call my supplier tomorrow to check if the teleinfo is enabled because, I'm pretty sure it's not the case.

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