@hugopoi Great news, thanks!
I'm waiting for Lime2 to arrive later today. And I'll test the pre-release and report any issues

@hugopoi Thank you so muuuch !

I suppose the internetcube image natively contains the vpnclient and the hotspot apps ? If one wants to not install the hotspot app, they must install the yunohost image and do the rest of the setup manually ?

@sohka I think you can use the internetcube because it will not enable the accesspoint if you do not plug it, but internetcube is packaged only to be use with the hypercube file generated from here install.internetcu.be/#welcome

@hugopoi Hello ! To recap what says your link, I suppose the new way to set up an internetcube is to flash a microsd card with an image (an internetcube one), then copy the hypercube file at the root of an usb storage, plug the usb storage to the arm board, then power up the arm board and finally wait for the installation to finish. Am I correct ?

If I am, let's say I did a full backup of my yunohost through the built-in backup function. How can I restore it if the post-installation is done automatically ? Or is a full restore currently not supported ?

@sohka For the backup, I don't know, if yunohost can restore after postinstall ?, you can try after using the internetcube, else you can just use the yunohost arm image and restore your backup, I don't know what is a fullbackup ?

@hugopoi It's a bit late since it has already been released, but fyi, I tried the Lime2 image and it's working perfectly. :) Thank you for your work !

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