Me and my letterbox a very funny story : I move in like a month ago and I still doesn't my letterbox key, a friend let me borrow his lock-picking tool kit but there was no tension bar in it (he loose it) so I buy one with a tension bar today, And guess what ?


I can open the letterbox just right to me but not mine, there is NO play in mine like if it was broken, so I need a break so I can feed my self :-P then I will try again LOL
If someone can give me advice for lockpicking letterbox, Iwill take it with love.

I hacked the letterbox situation, I success to open the letterbox juste beside mine,

And I confirm that my letterbox lock is broken or something there a lot of play in the mechanism not like the other one

@dashie C'est une batteuse mais il y a une verrou PTT général que je n'ai pas essayé de crocheter qui doit probablement s'ouvrir avec un T10 ou F10

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