[Shell Tips] You want to play soundcloud as streaming on the command line use the combo youtube-dl and ffplay !

Netflix, Amazon and all the rights holders, you're a pain in the ass. I'm tired of this ride, who someone decide what i can watch or not because of content license. Prime remove Elementary from the catalog, they just removed it from the continue watchimg section LOL. Even the play button is missing without warning ...

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Me planning my new multi-monitor setup involving 2 monitors, 3 machines, 4 graphics cards, 2 displayport switches, 2 adapters and 8 cables.

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Ampache 5.5.2 is out now!

This release focuses on code quality annoyances in the code.

Ampache6 work has started and will be a less scary jump like 4->5


Bon @LaBanquePostale@twitter.activitypub.actor est down, c'est le moment de changer de banque, c'est qui le plus offrant ?

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Gadgetbridge 0.70.0 is out with support for three new devices: Amazfit GTS 3 and Fossil Hybrid Gen6 are now supported, this release also adds support for Flipper Zero 🐬 an open source multi-tool. Cover image of this post is the Flipper device icon :)

This is our last official release for 🤖 KitKat, read more in the blog post blog.freeyourgadget.org/releas

Thanks to @codeberg and @WoodpeckerCI for great infrastructure!

#flipperzero #BangleJS #InfiniTime #Gadgetbridge #fdroid #codeberg #woodpeckerci

Oh my still online, upgrade going forward without issue yet ! Huge thanks to the dev team working on this !
cc @yunohost

This afternoon i'm upgrading to Yunohost 11 ! Fingers crossed, the doc looking good, and I have a full backup so nothing to fear. Keep you inform here, this mastodon instance will have a break during reboot anyway

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