Aujourd'hui je suis aux porte de l'enfer à si vous voulez vous pouvez me topper sur le stand normandy J07

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OMG, we pretty much near the goal to use passport-saml in a loopback apps with third-party login component ! I think will do some PR to give better docs !

is the worst ever debuggable things I ever try in nodejs, no console.log, no debug flag, even in the submodule there is nothing.

goes for maintenance for 3hours, motherboard swap, ssd swap, my mastodon instance will be down

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CSS-Only Chat - "A truly monstrous async web chat using no JS whatsoever on the frontend"

cc @ari @vascorsd

Dead printer do not even power on , investigation begin

Msata to Sata for NAS os is perfect cheap solution for small ssd, on ebay like 15€ the ssd and 2€ for the adapter

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Why people make zip inside zip inside an iso inside a rar in a torrent WHAT IS THE POINT ?
Pretty sure torrent protocol do on the fly compression during transfer per chunk
And especially useless when data are uncompressible

J'ai corrigé 40 copies en 2 heures, je vais manger now plus qu'une petite centaine. Je vais essayer d’améliorer mon score.

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With is there a simple way of sharing some files to a container through the api (without host bind volume) ?

Putain je dois changer un joint de siphon impossible de trouver la bon joint. J'ai mesuré 52mm x 47 mm

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